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  • design your own custom printed 24mm silicone focal beads - sold per bead
  • design your own custom printed 24mm silicone focal beads - sold per bead
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Bubblegum Beads AZ

design your own custom printed silicone focal beads - 80 beads per image/design

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We do not stock mini (20) or bulk (50 or 100) packs of beads. These packs are produced by the factory at time of order & require 3-4 weeks for shipping.

images are enlarged to show detail

CUSTOM PRINTED BEADS SHIP IN 4-6 WEEKS. Minimum is 80 beads per image/design. 


Printing custom beads is a manual process that is done by hand. Imperfections should be expected. It is possible that your image may not print exactly square or even on the beads. Tolerance +/- 0.625" shift can happen during printing and should be expected. Printing round logos, the shift will be more noticeable.

SIMPLE IMAGES WORK BEST. We cannot guarantee that complex designs with fine details or designs with wording will print clear & legible. IT IS TO YOUR BENEFIT TO FULLY READ THE INFORMATION BELOW AND REVIEW THE IMAGE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES PHOTO. If you are unsure if your image will work for this process, PLEASE ASK BEFORE ORDERING. Once you place an order, we print the image provided, even if you submit an image that does not follow our guidelines. BUYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IMAGE(S) PROVIDED. We do not know how well your image will print prior to printing your beads.

Custom printed beads ship in 4-6 weeks. 


Size: choose the size & shape
Hole: approximately 2mm (drilled vertically, top to bottom)
Quantity: 80 beads per image/design
Style: your design will be printed on 2 sides of a silicone focal bead

For example, it is possible that...
• one side of the bead may print clearer than the other
• color may vary in shade from one side to another
• edges of the image may be slightly fuzzy or stretched
• small wording may not always print clear or legible
• images with fine details will not print clear
• wording with colored backgrounds or an outline around the letters will not print clear or legible
• images that are too small & detailed will not print clear
• colors may vary from on screen color to printed color (especially images with blue & black in them) Blacks will not print a deep, dark color due to the process used for printing & finishing

Color variation can happen and should be expected. We cannot guarantee that reprint orders will match exactly to previous orders. Color variation between orders should be expected. We cannot guarantee that the color you see on screen will match the printed bead exactly.

Photos shown are digital renderings, and not actual printed beads. The actual printed bead may vary in size, color, or finish from digital image shown. We cannot guarantee that the color of the printed bead will match exactly to the images shown (especially logos with blue in them). Printed beads will always look different than a digital image on screen.

Customer accepts all responsibility for images provided to us & is authorized to reproduce images provided.

All sales are final. Custom orders cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded. By placing your order you accept and agree to the information provided above.